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I cannot escape the circumstances of my development and how I became aware of the world as it relates to me. For my parents it was war and civil rights struggles and this was also largely the case for my grandparents. For myself and others who grew up in the US during the 80s and 90s, it is the pervasiveness of media and programming. Since I was very young the effects of television and visual media on my consciousness was all but inescapable. I was in perhaps one of the first generations where the television was nearly mandatory for a normal American life while the programming coming through was getting further and further away from Ward and June Cleaver. As I got older I began to realize the true power of this media for both good and ill. It dramatically increased the accessibility of information while the nature of that information was often unknown or unrealized. These ideas go beyond the simple ideas of television as good or evil to the ideas of cultural morality, world economics, and population control. These ideas and the ideas of creating, manipulating, and displaying media is central to what I do and to who I am.

I consider myself a remixer of popular culture. I take existing contexts and references and filter them through my self and my equipment. My work asks my audience to reevaluate the familiar visual landscape that surrounds us. The remix aesthetic is an important and critical part of my studio practice. Remixing stems directly from DJ culture, taking two different records and making something new but recognizable. By changing the context and manipulating familiar images and sounds, I act as facilitator and re-present pop culture so the viewer sees it anew.

My work is a process of invention as well as reinvention. I am heavily influenced by the abilities afforded from new consumer technologies and how these technologies continue to build and reference classic recording techniques (computer programs that emulate analog equipment and embodied experience). I am interested in the ability to utilize the past as a medium by sampling and collaging bits and pieces of established works in order to create something new. Through this process I alter histories, mythologies and contexts.


I am an artist, designer and filmmaker. I am a creative problem solver. I’ve been a working designer for the past 15 years. I’m a team player but I also like to work solo. I have lived in 5 states, but spent most of my life in Tennessee. I currently live in Colorado with my wife Shelley who I met while in undergrad. She was wearing pink Chuck Taylor’s the first time I saw her. I told my friend Chris that I was going to marry her someday. I was right. We have two cats – Ambassador Vittles and Nibblets.

I earned an MFA at the University of South Florida focusing on digital video + electronic arts and I earned my BFA in studio art from Austin Peay State University. I also have a MA in communications with a concentration in technical theater from APSU. Currently I am an Assistant Professor and Department Chair of Graphic Design and the Masters program of Design Strategy + Innovation at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. I am also the Director of the Philip J. Steele Gallery on campus.

I have exhibited my video installations and live a/v performances nationally and internationally, including the Frist Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville, the BEA Festival for Media Arts in Las Vegas, Electronic Language International Festival FILE: Rio de Janeiro 2009 and FILE: Såo Paulo 2008. Along with Aaron Hutcheson, we create audiovisual work under the name Synesthesia. I am also one half of the VJ duo [ fladry + jones ] with Barry R. Jones.

Curriculum Vitae 

Want to know what I’ve done, where I’ve shown, all that good stuff? Take a look at my curriculum vitae (that’s a resume for us normal folk) over here. I know you are excited.

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I have aspirations to be a rockstar.

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It’s been a year…

It hasn’t just been a year since I last posted a blog.. but it’s been a long crazy whirlwind of a year. Where to start — Well, I’m now the Department Chair of Graphic Design at RMCAD. It will be a year since this has happened when the Fall starts, and I’ve really enjoyed the […]

Projection Mapping at RMCAD

This summer I’ve been working with two students on an independent study on projection mapping. This was a new technique for these students and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. We did face some challenges in the way of technology – the projector we ended up using was only 2000 lumens (I would […]

I never take myself too seriously.

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